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  • 19-11-2023

Henk Douna has with granddaughter of Vetblauwe Jackpot a super hen who wins 1st place twice within two weeks in the Friesland 96 department

It was the top hen "Miss Pipa" that provided a fantastic conclusion to the 2023 racing season. On August 12th, flying from Duiven against 12,877 competitors, and two weeks later on August 26th, flying from Weert against 11,619 competitors, she returned as the fastest pigeon to her loft in Donkerbroek.

The NL20-1054739 "Miss Pipa" is bred from "Smokey Jackpot" x a daughter of "Olympic Marjolien" from Meindert de Jong. "Smokey Jackpot" is a son of Vetblauwe Jackpot x "Gucci" of Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp.
Throughout her career, she achieved the following 7 top prizes, all obtained in departmental competitions in Friesland:

  • 1st Duiven against 12,877 pigeons (117 km)
  • 1st Weert against 11,619 pigeons (200 km)
  • 2nd Dizy le Gros against 5,591 pigeons (409 km) (after her nest mate)
  • 3rd Chalons en Champagne against 5,723 pigeons (471 km)
  • 5th Arlon against 10,564 pigeons (373 km)
  • 12th Venlo against 8,827 pigeons (181 km)
  • 16th Weert against 6,291 pigeons (200 km)

She also secured 8 pure first prizes in club competitions. As a summer youngster in 2020, she was already the best natour pigeon in the club, competing mainly against older pigeons. After the natour, she was raced in four additional cake races.
An interesting detail to mention is that in both 2021 and 2022, she was absent for two weeks in the middle of the racing season (twice two weeks). She stayed behind on a race.

Furthermore, as a summer youngster in 2020, she was trained in the natour, followed by four cake races. Even as a summer youngster, she ranked as the 3rd best natour pigeon in the Friesland '96 department, competing against all those older (nest) pigeons!
She is the nestmate of NL20-1054740 "Dizy", also a hen, currently on the breeding loft, and in previous years, she achieved the following in departmental competitions:

  • 1st Grand Prix Dizy le Gros against 5,591 pigeons (409 km)
  • 3rd Weert against 18,654 pigeons (200 km)
  • 36th Weert against 10,185 pigeons (200 km).