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Altijd mooi, winnaar van een Eijerkamp duif!

  • 12-1-2018

Winners of a pigeon by sending us a reference in 2017


Every year, pigeon fanciers, from all over the world, send performances of their Eijerkamp pigeons or their descendants to us.
All these performances are given a special place on our website and these performances are also linked to the (grand)parents of these pigeons.
In this way we get a better insight to the success of a pigeon couple which helps us to do even better.
To reward fanciers who submitted performances in 2017, 6 pigeons were available.
Three pigeons for the, according us, best results and 3 which were raffled among all entries.

The best three entries were:

  1. Partnership van der Stouwe-Douna (NL) - 1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th etc. Gennep against 13,998 pigeons
  2. H.H. Oving & Son (NL) - 1st Weert against 4,729 pigeons
  3. Catalin Bocanet (Romania) - 1st National ACE Champion Longdistance Yearlings 2017

The other winners are:

Pigeons won.

Partnership van der Stouwe-Douna NL17-1820939 
H.H. Oving & Son NL17-1820984 
Catalin Bocanet  NL17-1821051 
Ernst Woustra NL17-1821136 
Nico Koetsier NL17-1821513 
Simon Wolf NL17-1821179 

* The winners can contact us about how they want to receive the pigeon. Shipping costs are at the expense of the winners.

We congratulate all winners and thank everyone who has submitted a result of their pigeons.
Also in 2018, pigeons can be won by sending results of your Eijerkamp pigeons or their descendants.

We wish everyone a lot of success.

Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp

* On the photo above Henk Douna with Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp